Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crohn's...It's Time to Think Outside the Bag

Have you ever searched "Crohn's Disease" on YouTube?

Imagine my shock when I opened up a few you-tube videos that dealt with young people sharing details of their life as they deal with Crohn’s. I was frozen …..I couldn’t peel my eyes away.

Had the embarrassing disease that people deal with in private become public knowledge? Why would someone want their personal battle with digestion to be available to the public? Are they crying out for help? Or is it their way of being heard and not just be another statistic?

So how rampant is Crohn's?

Crohn’s disease is not uncommon. Recent estimates suggest that up to 600,000 people in the United States alone are afflicted with Crohn’s disease, evenly affecting males and females. It is more common in developed countries and is seen most commonly in North America and Western Europe. It also appears to be more common in urban rather than rural areas and in the northern rather than the southern areas. Although Crohn’s disease can develop at any age, it is most commonly present between the ages of 20-30 years. One-quarter of patients get diagnosed before the age of 20.

Let's see what are the common denominators? .....developed countries, urban areas, young people.....fast paced/modern societies- sounds like fast foods to me.

I watched episode after episode of beautiful, young faces with distorted bodies ravished by a war zone that had been created to fight this disease. The fear in their eyes, swollen faces and scarred up bodies brought me back to my own memories.

So long ago…. when I was their age…..when my life came to a sudden stand still and I realized that the life's path I had dreamed of had a huge “DO NOT ENTER” sign.

For 6 years I believed my body was not capable of supporting me. I was faced with surgery and constantly drowned by the cocktail of drugs that were prescribed to me and proven useless against the fire that raged inside my intestines.
Desperately, I searched for an alternative solution, anything that would keep me from the degenerative future that laid ahead.

Then, one day, I found it. Now I’ve been Crohn’s free for 28 years living the life that I wanted. My body is healthy again, pain free, drug free and most importantly disease free! So how did I dodge surgery and the road that led to "the bag"?

The answer is FOOD! The food was it all along. Yes! How many of us have been told by doctor after doctor that food has nothing to do with it. But if you stop to think…Food Has Everything To Do With It. Food influences the chemistry of the digestive environment. Food posseses the healing power. Food has the ability to create a healing evironment in your body and EVERYTHING that is needed to create this environment is already provided on this earth. The trick is, it has to be done correctly for each individual.

Out of everything I’ve experienced, learned and taught, it comes down to this….. it’s WHAT and HOW you eat…period.

Here are four tips from someone who avoided the bag.

  1. Start by slowing down and chewing each bite at least 50x before you swallow
  2. Take pro-biotics to replenish beneficial bacteria. Don’t worry which ones or what brand…just start.
  3. Take digestive enzymes to aid in the breakdown of food.
  4. Stop eating dairy, flour and sugar for 3 months.

Whether you have had surgery or trying to avoid it, these tips are a good start and have helped many.

It’s time to speak out and avoid the strong immune- suppressive drugs, the scarring and the bag--- Get Right With Your Food!!!!


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