Monday, November 30, 2009

Living in this crystal palace

Living in this crystal palace -Sha Wellness Clinic- in Alicante Spain, I chose not to have a TV in my room. I needed to distress for awhile. I asked family and friends to only share news that was pertinent and news in which I could initiate action.

So when this New York Times article came to my attention, I had no hesitation in passing it on.

Forty Years' War - Medicines to Deter Some Cancers Are Not Taken

I immediately noticed the irony in reading such an article while here doing my “healing work” in Spain. What people experience at Sha is an improvement in health and in a short visit, they change their eating habits, exercise and participate in natural therapies. No million dollar study here, just simple steps to learn about taking on a proactive natural change in health and physical condition and giving the body the support for prevention.

My blog manager encourages me to keep my blog postings short, but this is too important to miss out on a single word. I urge you to read this. Sit back, make yourself a nice green antioxidant drink to sip on and evaluate what is being said. After all, the choice is ours and we are responsible for our health.

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